3.4.16 PO Box

Applied for the PO Box today. I didn’t realize you have to go down to the Post Office to be assigned the number and receive the keys with two forms of ID. Going tomorrow, after birding.

The box is 5 x 5 1/2. Letters and postcards preferred – all mediums accepted. Include a return address if you’d like response.

Nissa Holtkamp
PO Box 408397
Chicago, IL 60640

we are lost blue horse (2)

1.14.16 me are lost

This year I’m changing my strategy. In the past I’ve been so wrapped up in putting chaps together, I’ve skipped submitting to presses entirely. You know, the bread and butter for most poets.

Last year I read about Michael Derrick Hudson. His poem was rejected 40 times, but accepted and published in Best American Poetry after he submitted it under a Chinese pseudonym. It opened the door for some good dialogue about race, gender, and getting published, but the thing that stuck with me was – 40 times. Some people submit their poetry F.O.R.T.Y TIMES??! I am way behind.

I have a folder of 38 working poems and half-finished ideas. They range from a nearly complete (maybe complete?) pantoum to a real winner called fart tattoo. I’m going to spiff up some and send them out throughout the year. Let’s see how I do.